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GAMES Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is GAMES?

    GAMES is the Graduate Admissions Management & Evaluation System; a secure, web-based system for handling graduate applications for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln at the department level. The system allows applicants to provide all information, documents and materials electronically and allows faculty to manage and evaluate applications.

  2. How does the system work?

    First, you have to submit an initial application by filling out the form located at Once you have filled this out, Graduate Studies will review your application and assign you an NUID (Nebraska University ID). Within 48 hours (not including weekends or University holidays) you will be sent a welcome email message asking you to login to GAMES and provide the rest of your application materials.

  3. Why do you have a two step process?

    Most, if not every university has a two step process; applications have to be approved by both an Office of Graduate Studies and each Department has to approve of an application. Each office requires different materials for consideration. GAMES was built to aide departments in their application and evaluation process; the Office of Graduate Studies has their own system and process for managing applications. An initial application is required by Graduate Studies in order to issue you a unique NUID and establish your credentials so that you can securely login to GAMES and provide the rest of your application materials.

  4. How do I handle Letters of Reference?

    Once you login, you will be able to provide contact information for each of your letter of reference writers. Once you have provided a valid email, you will be able to click a button for each reference to have an email request sent to them. This email will contain a secure link with which they can upload a letter. There is no need to have your references send hard-copies (and, in fact, it is preferred that they do not send hard-copies). Be aware that, for security reasons, once you send a request, you will be locked out of making changes to the reference's contact information.

  5. I am unable or unclear on how to provide certain application items.

    Each department has its own unique application setup and is responsible for providing clear instructions on what they expect you to enter/provide. If anything is unclear, please direct your questions to your department's graduate secretary and encourage them to make instructions more clear if necessary.

  6. Where do I go for help?

    Please direct all questions about deadlines, department policies, etc. to your department or to Graduate Studies.

    The Office of Graduate Studies
    1100 Seaton Hall
    Lincoln NE 68588-0619

    If you are having technical issues, you can always submit a technical support request.